Joya: AiR 


Joya: AiR is much more than an artistic residence. Joya: AiR is a lifestyle, a concept, a methodology that is inserted into the territory like an acupuncture needle that allows us to heal both our environment and our soul.

The strategic territorial planning of this ecological residence is splendidly related to the landscape, respecting and preserving the tangible and intangible heritage of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park and its surroundings. What contributes consciously or unconsciously to the strengthening of the Spanish identity and its vast history.

The residence, studios and architecture in general dialogue perfectly with the genius of the place (GENIUS LOCI) Being this, a peaceful refuge of experiences, reflection, creation, and introspection that I recommend without any doubt.

Thank you very much Donna and Simon for making us feel comfortable and full, for feeding us exquisitely and above all being an example of life in this world. Count on my support and good luck in everything to come.

    screen printed t-shirt on dry tree on stacked stones

ATM carved on lime stones

Geolocalization of the Sierra Larga trek on canvas,
Sierra María de Los Vélez Natural Park. Spain.

Firewall path,
Sierra María de Los Vélez Natural Park. Spain.