Necesito un anticipo
de mi antisueldo.

I need an advance
of my antisalary.



I seek to visualize and evidence the incidence of money in our daily life and the profound impact it generates on our psyche and behavior; by contributing research that reinterprets us as a society in which consumption becomes the engine and its daily fuel.

I create from the appropriation of devices, documents, artifacts and emotions to pose  critical perception of the world around me, using landscape and territory as the center of all creation and human interaction.

Busco visualizar y evidenciar la incidencia del dinero en nuestra vida cotidiana y el profundo impacto que este genera en nuestra psique y comportamiento; aportando una investigación que nos reinterpreta como una sociedad en donde el consumo se convierte en el motor
y la gasolina diaria.

Creo a partir de la apropiación de dispositivos, documentos, artefactos y emociones para plantear una percepción crítica frente al mundo que me rodea, utilizando el paisaje y el territorio como centro de toda creación e interacción humana.


Featured Work          

in the rain

VIDEO ART / 2012 ~ 2018
1 minute 15 seconds

Performance made in 2012, filmed by Alejandro Silva and remastered by Vieyte at the beginning of 2018.

This video art has been accepted in "Passive Activists II" a global call organized by @mooseartspace that summoned more than 337 applications from around the world. The audiovisual piece was screened at the Holaa! Festival in The Hague, Netherlands organized by @hoogtijdenhaag

Last release          

Vintage Polka Geranios

Appropriation of a still life vintage canvas (1993) painted by the artist Milena P. Sánchez for the art gallery of Diva Grassmann. 

Beautiful decorative artwork with a modern and elegant intervention by Vieyte.

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